Sum 41 is a Canadian rock bank that formed back in 1996 and is still rocking the radio today. They are one of the few bands that kept their punk rock style during this time, which I think is part of why they still are this successful.

Angels with dirty faces…even the song title is intriguing, implying something good, god-like and pure, but something is different, why do they have dirty faces? Could it that looks can be deceiving.

There is no doubt in my mind that this song has to do with addiction, whether that be drugs, smoking, eating disorder, cutting, alcohol, from the first verse I need this to get me through, Can’t resist and don’t want to it clearly states that the person cannot live without it and is completely dependent on it, as he doesn’t even want to resist.

As addiction goes, it will eventually consume you and you’ll have nothing left to show you are what you eat, we all have heard that one before, but you also are your thoughts and what you do and choose to surround yourself with, that’s why he ends up in this perfect hell.

He goes on by saying obsession has begun, possessed by destruction  because he knows that he is in deep now and following in a self destructing behavior. In the verse Thin blood I’m bleeding my pulse won’t stop racing Just as my heart explodes he defines the feeling he gets when he is using and knows that this could potentially kill him.

Lastly, he is so far gone that he truly believes he needs his hit to be himself (as he has lost touch with who is was) and thinks it is too late to be saved. He is also out of touch with reality because he asks or is it in my head

Dealing with addiction is never easy, no matter where in the addiction you currently are…there is always a way out, always someone listening and always someone who cares about you. It’s easy to forget that, once we are consumed by these habits that we don’t think there could be a way we can be saved….but there is always a way.


Artist: Sum 41

Song: Angels with dirty faces

I need this to get me through
Can’t resist and don’t want to
Believe it I know it’s true
I can’t beat and don’t want to try

Perfect hell

It’s more to me than you ever will know
Down here where the rest of us fell
Waste away with nothing left to show
While I’m in this perfect hell

Obsession has begun
Possessed by destruction
How did I get so low
Believe me no one knows
Sometimes I can’t hold on
And no one can help me

Now it’s got a hold of me
I don’t think I can make it through this
Now it’s got a hold of me
The less I do the more it makes no sense

I’m walking pollution who’s drained by delusions
On the verge of destruction I cave in to abduction
Thin blood I’m bleeding my pulse won’t stop racing
Just as my heart explodes

No chance that I could win
Too hard to not give in
I just don’t feel the same
Cause I’m the one to blame
Sometimes I can’t hold on
And no one can help me


I need this to be myself
It feels like I need some help
It’s too late to save myself
Or it’s just in my head

[Chorus: x2]